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Eric Griffin — 2014 Las Vegas Summer League:


Dunno who this guy is:

Nate making the smart play:

True Love found on the Kiss Cam:

Pau Gasol to play for the Bulls

The Decision 2: LeBron Returns to Cleveland


‘I’m ready to accept the challenge. I’m coming home’

Check out the full announcement here at sports illustrated.

Bet all the fans that burned their Cavs jerseys when he left are gutted now!

Summer Open Session


Summer off season open session begins tonight at Leith Academy from 7:30 – 9:30. Fiver a head to cover costs for the Hall.

Final Standings & closing remarks

2013/14 season is finished and our final standing in the league is 6th (joint 5th on pts). This marks a reasonable improvement over our maiden season, recording 2 more wins and finishing 2 places higher than last year.

A couple of years back a few of us faced the situation of returning to a unhappy team, disbanding or doing something ourselves and that was what we chose and how The Leith HoneyBadgers was born (specifically in a McDonalds, where the declaration of Leith was penned). It’s been hard work, fun, occasionally drunken, painful and inspiring to be a part of and we still remain true to our values- it’s about good guys before individuals, about hard work, playing in the moment and enjoying every minute on court. We consistently welcome new guys along or occasional players looking for a run, juggling that alongside our quest for improvement.

This year it was great to see a couple of the fringe players became fully fledged and valued Honey Badgers, whilst into the year we also welcomed 2 important additions to the pack. Whilst we lost Minda and obviously went through some transition, the squad is now looking the best it has with strength across the floor and back up in all positions.

Our team, much like its namesake, has won it’s difficult match ups by intense levels of effort and tough defence. If we work hard over the summer, particularly on playing together offensively, we can add to our strengths and look to have our best season yet. Lets do this Leith! This place might be about the ability to ‘persevere’ but we will be looking to strike first when the league opens for business again after the summer break.

LHB vs Madness

LHB vs Madness 50-37


A break in world cup games meant the eyes of all true sports fans were solely fixed on Leith Academy on Wednesday night. After a long delay the last game of the 2013/2014 season against the Midlothian Madness was finally played.

Going into the match the Badgers were yet to record a league victory over the Madness. It looked to be a close and hard fought contest, with Madness winning by 6 and 4 point margins in the last two meetings of these teams.

The game started off with both teams matching each other shot for shot. Early foul trouble for the Madness sent Mike to the line to make 3 out of 4 free throws and build a 7 point lead for the quarter.

The second quarter led off with a trademark 3 from Sanchez, and Mike continuing to attack with a further two baskets to fill out his 9-point half. Cobra Conner eased back on dishing out the assists to join in the scoring to sink a cool three-pointer and close the half with the Badgers holding a 7 –point advantage.

The third quarter saw Piotr fill out the box score, hassling on the defensive end and knocking down jumpshots from midrange and beyond the arc and then turned provider to set up two three’s from Doug to finish the quarter with a twelve point lead.

The badgers finished up the game with scores from across the team. Andy, Scott and Fraz added to their totals and Dom knocked down the last of the Badgers 7 three’s and round out a 50-37 victory for 12-10 record for the season.


Q1 14-7

Q2 10-10 (24-17)

Q3 15-10 (39-27)

Q4 11-10 (50-37)


Mike/Doug – 11 pts each

Piotr – 7 pts

Andy/Dom – 5 pts each

Fraz/Scott – 4 pts each

Jonotan -3 pts

In Yo Face! trash talk

Just a few Videos of Hardaway, Spreewell and Barkley showing competitive attitude which probably would have got them ejected if done in the current era NBA.

I miss this game.



Glasgow Rocks Open Trials


Glasgow Rocks are holding their annual open trials on Saturday 9th of August..

The try-outs are open to any men over the age of 16 who are willing to commit to practice and compete with the Rocks pro-team on a regular basis. Head Coach, Sterling Davis, and Rocks coaching staff, will be putting potential players through their paces on the day:
“What I am looking for is a player who has some very good playing experience and knowledge of the game. This trial caters more for the player who can see themselves having a career in basketball – not a dream, but a vision. It’s not with the intent of teaching someone how to play but more to sharpen their skills; it’s more geared to getting them to play at a higher level. Over the years, I have had players show up who were just starting to play the game – which was evident in their performance, and that is what we are trying to stay away from. The calibre of our programs, both development and pro-team, have improved drastically over the years. Players who we recruit from this Open Trial play a very significant role in our scheme from start to finish.”

Any Honey Badgers fancy the challenge?? If any of the current roster, or anyone else from Lothian league or beyond, are tempted they can apply here

I was going to apply myself, but when I found out that my perfectly reasonable demands (6 pack of Tennants, bacon roll, fresh pomegranate and mango smoothie,  Egyptian cotton headband and locker room heated to 22 °C playing the greatest hits of the fresh prince and jazzy jeff) could not be met, I reluctantly declined.


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