Season 3 – A fairy tale of Leith Walk

Psyched to begin our 3rd season in the league tonight. The team was so close to not happening 2 years back but we stuck to our guns, vowed not to go back to existing clubs and a spot in the league opened up days before the season began.

Now looking as strong as we have ever been and even got sponsorship from our regular bar, The Brass Monkey Leith.

‘If you book them, they will come’. Amen Wayne’s World.

Lets go out hard tonight and leave it all on the court every match. Here’s to the new season, Honey Badgers.

Pre-season build-up

Last training session tomorrow night before the season opener against soldier bears.

Some numbers from the tigers friendly to keep everyone motivated!

Q1 13 20
Q2 9 14 22 34
Q3 11 20 33 54
Q4 16 11 49 65
Extra period (Q5) 9 16 58 81


Mike 17
Doug 12
Fraz 8
Jonaton 5
G 6
Banky 7
Ian 3

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