Once Upon a Time in the West(woods leisure centre)

Really it’s just any excuse to post one of the best movie scores of all time.

Behold; the poorly formatted fixture list for this year!!

Leith Honey Badgers Fixtures for 2012/13

21 Sep 12                  West Lothian Wolves A               Leith Honey Badgers

28 Sep 12                  Leith HoneyBadgers                     Midlothian Madness

12 Oct 12                   Boroughmuir Masters                Leith Honey Badgers

26 Oct 12                   Tigers                                          Leith Honey Badgers

02 Nov 12                 Currie Buccaneers                        Leith Honey Badgers

16 Nov 12                  Leith HoneyBadgers                   Pleasance Pace

23 Nov 12                 Edinburgh Lions A                    Leith Honey Badgers

30 Nov 12                  Central Jaguars                         Leith Honey badgers

07 Dec 12                   Leith Honey Badgers                 Pleasance 47’s

11 Jan 13                   Leith Honey Badgers                 Dunfermline Steel

18 Jan 13                    Penicuik                                    Leith Honey Badgers

01 Feb 13                   Leith HoneyBadgers           West Lothian Wolves A

13 Feb 13                Leith HoneyBadgers                 Currie Buccaneers

15 Feb 13                 Midlothian Madness                  Leith Honey Badgers

01 Mar 13                  Leith HoneyBadgers              Boroughmuir Masters

08 Mar 13                  Leith HoneyBadgers                 Tigers

29 Mar 13                   Pleasance Pace                         Leith Honey Badgers

05 Apr 13                   Leith HoneyBadgers                 Edinburgh Lions A

19 Apr 13                  Leith HoneyBadgers                 Central Jaguars

03 May 13                 Pleasance 47’s                            Leith Honey Badgers

10 May 13                  Dunfermline Steel                     Leith Honey Badgers

A full fixtures list is available on the Lothian League site

A permanent link at the top of the page has been added for ease of access.



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