Ewing conceedes Badger links to the Pippen Dunk

Following on from Shawn Kemp’s Autobiographical revelations on how a Gary Paton Honeybadger intervention led to Kemp’s legendary facial on Alton Lister, Patrick Ewing has now came forward in a candid interview with CNN today and spoke out about being on the receiving end of a badger fuelled beatdown.

Speaking at length on his long term fued with the Bulls he appeared to take credit away from Pippen for the huge dunk that knocked Ewing for 6 in the 1994 playoffs, bizarrely placing acclaim on Shawn Kemp:

‘Yeah man, Pippen put it down right over me for sure, but I think even Scottie himself will admit that he was charged with the spirit of the honeybadger for that one’

Ewing famously claimed that mind games played by Scottie’s close friend Shawn Kemp had no effect over him in the close fought 1994 Eastern Conference Semi’s but yesterday admitted for the first time that the honeybadger got to him.

‘A nightmare man, it was a stone cold nightmare. Shawn (Kemp) somehow got hold of my number and kept on paging me smack talk about honeybadgers, what he done to Alton Lister and that he and Payton had taken Scottie and the Bulls to Seattle Zoo in advance of Game 6… At first I couldn’t give a damn but then it started gettin to me. I walked into a candy store, saw a jar of humbugs, looked at the black and white and thought Honeybadger. Policemen in uniform – Honeybadger. Shit I even went to the UK and went to a soccer match, arrived at St james Park and what uniform did the team wear- fucking honeybadgers. I guess really, going into game 6 my head was a mess man. Shawn, Seattle Zoo and Honeybadgers had put me on the tee and Scottie just arrived and drove me down the fairway’

Refusing to hand over the praise to one of natures deadliest predators Pippen stated

‘Any time you dunk over a seven-footer and a so-called shot blocker, it’s something’

However leaving the legions of honeybadger admirers around the world a little something to chew on he added

‘But yeah, gettin in Spike’s face afterwards and tellin that fool to sit down, that came all the way from Seattle Zoo’.


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