Pentland Tigers 49 Leith Honey Badgers 37

The stats below tell most of the story, the Honey Badgers were unable to keep the momentum of the first quarter going for the whole game. The Tigers defence tightened up and for a period in the third the LHB struggled to find the basket. An improved 4th quarter performance wasn’t enough to reverse the deficit.

Not to feel too disheartened though, there was still some good play at times at both ends of the court. It’s just another step along the learning curve..

As you can see, I added a tremendous Honey Badgers sticker to my computer to cheer myself up and now I’m much happier 😀

Q1 Tigers 9 – LHB – 16
Q2 Tigers 13 (22) – LHB – 8 (24)
Q3 Tigers 15 (37) – LHB – 4 (28)
Q4 TIgers 12 (49) – LHB – 9 (37)

Minda – 12
Fraz – 12
Doug – 5
Mike – 4
Mark – 3
Graham – 1



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