Christmas Winners

As per the pic below, honeybadgers 2012 wrapped up last night with the all star challenges. Winners on the night were Stewart, who pranced off with the Billy Elliot award, and G-man who decimated the assembled guards, beating Graham with a single ice cold dagger from way behind the line to clinch (I can’t believe it!!) the 3 point crown!! Some speculation from the stewards that he was shooting from so deep just to keep his giant feet behind the arc, following some earlier warnings!
Also on show was the inaugural roar of the Mega Skill Beast, practically an SAS assault course with a basketball. Think wipeout meets globetrotters and you’re on the right track. An immense spread of times were generated by this behemoth, so terrifying that the coach claimed the need to remain impartial as his excuse to avoid taking part. Hearts were broken over and over by this beast. Final results then:

1.06.5 Stewart
1.05.5 Graham-the-guard
1.01 Peter
50 secs G-man
47.5 el Prez (5 sec bonus for drained 3)
41 Farooq
40.1 snake hands
38.5 Minda “2nd AGAIN!!??” Tijusas
37.8 Fraz

So the “(often drunken) Master” prize resides under the tree in casa Gibson. While Minda will be determined not to be the eternal bridesmaid next year, and el Prez reconciles himself to the unusual feeling of going home empty handed, there’ll be another Gibson licking his chops at the prospect of easy pickings next year…!

Merry Christmas, badgers and badgerinos, and a badass new year.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Winners

  1. Haha sounds awesome! gutted I missed it! Sub 40 seconds is pretty impressive though, looks like it took everything fraz had judgin by the picture! it’s amazing how motivating sweeties can be. So is the new offense to leave G-man unmarked behind the arc? Have a good christmas guys!



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