Game Time

Leith Honey Badger basketball returns tonight as they face the Dunfermline Steel in an early tip off at West Woods. With a couple of the regular starters missing its an opportunity for relative newcomers Piotr and Farooq to shine. Having already proven there worth regularly in training, Coach Holden should have full confidence in his squad, featuring top scorer Minda, the full array of big men and game reader Cobra Conner.

With a 5 and 5 record from the first half of the season, confidence should be high and the tentative approach featured in the teams early outings should be a thing of the past. To quote Cypress Hills B-real, ‘we ain’t going out like that’. So, Honey Badgers, don’t step out with any fears and don’t walk off the court at the end of the match thinking you could have done more. Play hard, play as one, play to win and play to have fun. Bring da ruckus and enjoy.

-el prez.



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