Honey Badgers vs Wolves

The Honey Badgers occupy the late tip off spot tomorrow night at Westwoods as they face off against the West Lothian Wolves. Howling at the full moon, this could be another crazy match up like game 1 against the men from the West.

The match marks the beginning of this season’s second half. Having played 12 matches the Badgers record sits at 50% and whilst the Wolves have only recorded 1 win they have ran a number of teams close and have quality throughout. The Honey Badgers walked away with a 1 point win margin in their season opener against the Wolf pack so this one has the makings of another classic.

The Honey Badgers were leading by 16 in their last match and almost let it slide in the fourth quarter. Coach Holden is a stickler for defence, lets reward him with the same level of performance throughout the four stanza’s.

The bigs were playing big on Monday with some lovely moves inside. Some fine slashes to the bucket from the perimeter players and choice shooting from the snipers all pointed to a hefty momentum being gathered in 2013.

Van Gough said ‘what would life be if we had no confidence to attempt anything?’. Well Badgers, we done it Monday, killed it in the paint and made an art of taking the open shot, so stand tall with confidence and do your thing. A stroke of luck gave us our one point win last time, lets not rely on a brush with fortune this time. The game is a blank canvas, fill it with what we want to see.

We might not be collecting a league medal in our first season but who cares? Trophies gather dust, memories last forever. Come out the lair on the rampage Badgers and make the kill. Shut em down and drop bombs, together, as one.

8:35pm Westwoods is where it’s at. Bring da ruckus Badgers!


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