Top 10 Rajon Rondo Plays

I’ve seen a couple of these career plays videos from various feeds now (lebron, D-wade) but this Rondo top 10 is my favorite!


Rajon Rondo will play no further part in this season due to an ACL injury. This is a big loss for the Celtics, even if they are 6-0 since his injury, as Rondo is possibly the best passer in the NBA.  It is also a big loss for the league and fans who will not get to see Rondo showcase his skills every night.

So that we can appreciate the talents of Rondo while he is injured check out the Top 10 plays of his career to date and appreciate his talent.

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One thought on “Top 10 Rajon Rondo Plays

  1. Nice! A lot to choose from, the chase down against orlando from east conference finals was a part of a sequence of epic hustle plays, but leaving ‘bron grasping air (6) and outrunning dwane ‘the flash’ wade in 5 are pretty impressive!



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