Badgers vs Madness preview

The Leith Honey Badgers emerge from the lair after a 2 week break to face the Midlothian Madness on the hardwood of Westwoods, Friday 7:20 pm. Itching to get their honey, the big W, these Badgers are ready to swat off any sting anybody tries to put in their grill.

Repeating the fixtures of the seasons first half, the Badgers face the Madness after back to back wins over the Wolves and Blaze. Confidence may be a little higher this time around though, as the Badgers recently whipped the Wolves by 12 with a fantastic team performance last time out. And whilst the Wolves sought to rile the Badgers with their, ‘by any means necessary’, approach to the game, the Badgers brushed off the attempts to niggle and saw the job through, big time.

The madness are quite a familiar sight to the Honey Badger, sharing many a scrimmage together. The first time they faced one another this season, Madness recorded a big win and sent the Badgers off licking their wounds. But the Honey Badger don’t lay down for long and is ready to have another go right about now.

To gain a victory this time around, Leith’s finest need to retain the we and forget the me. Working the ball together earned some sweet buckets in their last 2 games and a confidence to execute prevailed across the group. Minda hit some big numbers, the bigs bossed the paint and the team oozed hussle & flow.

Heavyweight thinker Nietzsche once said, ‘Madness is rare in individuals – but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule’. The collective madness has served Midlothian well in it’s first 2 seasons in the league and to get the win the Badgers must break them down to their individual components. The team is an engine, the ball the oil, take out some parts or stop the flow and it soon won’t run so smooth.

We may be a few men down this week but the ones we have know the score and always demand more. We welcome Peter into the pack again after his recent and superb debut. Whilst Coach Holden comes back to his spiritual home of Leith after being off on international (family) duty!

When the Leith Honey Badgers emerge together and play together, these Rattel’s can rattle anyone. Theres nothing to lose in this debut season and everything to gain. Sitting in the top half of the league feels good, let us keep it that way. Look for your team mates, hustle all over and when it’s on, show no mercy.

Tell em B-Real,

‘Cock the hammer ,
Cock the hammer it’s time for action’



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