Leith Honey Badgers 36 – Midlothian Madness 40

Although the Honey Badgers came in to this game missing a couple of key men, their numbers where bolstered by the inclusion of Mr Brandes for his second game with the LHB. With the addition of his strong hustle and sharp passing, confidence that a good result could be achieved was high.

However the Badgers faced a rejuvenated Midlothian Madness side and struggled to get out of the blocks. A poor first quarter combined with the Madness putting on an impressive display of long range shooting in the third really finished the game. The Honey Badgers were then dealt a real blow in the loss of player/coach Mark Holden with a broken wrist.

The leadership and philosophy of strong team play from coach Holden have been a huge part of the success of the Honey Badgers in their debut season. His presence on the court will be sorely missed, but it’s now up to everyone to make sure we keep on course and finish the season strong.

Everyone is wishing you a speedy recovery. As the video shows you can’t keep a good Honey Badger down for long!!



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