Badgers vs Lions

Leith’s own Honey Badgers go head to head with the leagues 3rd placed, and well drilled, Edinburgh Lions team tonight at Westwoods.

LHB have recorded some nice wins since the Christmas break despite never once fielding their full squad. Tonight Doug Gibson and G-man Watson are back in the team, eager to show what’s been missing in their absence.

Just five games left in the season including matches against the current top 3 teams, these are important moments in Honey Badger year one. If the league were to stop now the Badgers could be satisfied with a strong first season but the wheels keep rolling and the team keep ballin.

This is the final quarter of the season, business time. Time to bring out the inner honey badger, the can’t, won’t, don’t stop. Honeybadgers may not be able to train twice a week, run a well drilled play book and scout out the opposition in advance of games. However last time i checked they have grit, experience, strength, hustlers, support for each other and a callous black and white flowing through their veins. It will be another 6 months til we play the opposition again and that’s a long time to stew over ifs and buts. Tonight, show up strong and for one another. Play in the moment, every moment and leave it all on the court. A spent Badger is a happy Badger, get at em boys and take the chances.

‘This ain’t no garden party, brother, this is basketball. Only the strong survive’ – Ric Flair



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