13 – the unluckiest number of them all

The reasons behind the unlucky nature of the number 13 are varied and confusing. History points to the Mayan calendars 13th and final phase that predicts the end of the world, whilst religion highlights that 13 ate at the table of the last supper including Judas the betrayer. Although NBA scoring legend and notorious ladies man Wilt Chamberlain wore 13 for his entire career without any problems, triskaidekaphobia is the fear of anything with the number 13 on it and something that the Badgers will always be wary of.

The HoneyBadgers took to the court on Friday to take on the Edinburgh Lions, the Lions having taken the W in their first meeting earlier on in the season. As always the Lions boasted a full bench of players while the Badgers set up with as many as they could muster. Dr Doug Gibson and G-Man Hulk Watson were back in the starting lineup both having missed the last couple of games. Unavailable to play el Presidente Mike Kerracher and Minda Air Lithuania Tijusas who would both be sorely missed.

The first quarter was a tense and nervy affair with both teams trying to find their shooting range. Dr Doug shook off any rust that he might have picked up on his transatlantic seminar tour by scoring all of the Badgers points in the first half. Some solid defence and good control of the ball kept the game tight with only 1 point separating the teams after 8 minutes.

In the second quarter the Badgers Big Men turned things up a notch. Showing their usual domination under the boards G-Man Hulk and Fraser Fraz Gibson combined for 7 2nd quarter points. Some lead out running and long range passing meant the Lions were constantly looking over their shoulders while the Badgers went to work. A long range bomb from behind the arc for Piotr kept the score board ticking over nicely. The young quick feet of the Lions kept things tight and at half time the Lions led by only 2.

The Badgers started the third quarter aggressively with Piotr and G Mac driving hard at the basket and distributing the ball with speed. Unfortunately the bottom of the basket was difficult to find and the scoring dried up. Defensively things were still clicking but with both big men in foul trouble the Lions capitalised and pushed out to a 9 point lead.

The fourth quarter is where everything changed. The Badgers knew that the 3rd quarter was over and if they were going to have any chance of taking the game they would have to start scoring some points. Things started well enough with a pair of unanswered layups from Dr Doug and G-man Hulk that forced the Lions coach to call an early time out. The Lions came out quickly and once again took advantage of the foul trouble inside to consolidate their lead. With just under 6 minutes to go things were looking like they were starting to stretch their lead and move out of touch for the Badgers.

At this point in the game the Lions number 10 drove hard and quickly to the basket down the middle of the lane, G-Man Hulk stepped over from his position to stand strong and take the charge having had enough of being ran around by younger, quicker players. When the players collided there was only going to be one outcome, as the Lions player picked himself up off the floor it was clear that something was wrong. A collision between the back of his head and the nose of G-Mc has caused major blood injuries for both players. With blood on the court, a rather large chunk out of the Lions players head and G-Mc’s modelling career well and truly over the game was called to an end. Both players were receiving treatment and a Friday night trip to A&E at the Royal beckoned.

A post match deconstruction of the incident revealed that G-Mc was indeed wearing the number 13 jersey, the very same jersey that Coach Holden had been wearing the night of his season ending injury. The unlucky number 13 had struck again!!! To avoid any further unlucky incidents it feels only right to retire the Badgers number 13 jersey to the rafters where it belongs.

Final score – Badger 20 – 33 Lions

Dr Doug – 6
Fraz Fraser – 6
G-Man Hulk – 5
Piotr – 3


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