NBA Playoffs!

NBA-playoffs-2013-bracket(Click image to enlarge)


No. 8 Milwaukee vs. No. 1 Miami
No. 7 Boston vs. No. 2 New York
No. 6 Atlanta vs. No. 3 Indiana
No. 5 Chicago vs. No. 4 Brooklyn


No. 8 Houston  vs. No. 1 Oklahoma City
No. 7 Los Angeles Lakers  vs. No. 2 San Antonio
No. 6 Golden State vs. No. 3 Denver
No. 5 Memphis vs. No. 4 Los Angeles Clippers

Looks like there could be some good match ups in the first round; Harden and the Rockets get to take on OKC, Spurs take on the Lakers and I reckon Nuggets and Golden State could be a good series in the west. In the East the Knicks vs Celtics looks like the one to watch.



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