JR Smith

Knicks take game one against the Celtics and Smith had a thunderous slam. The man who allegedly had a pet honey badger during his time in the CBA and may regularly have dined on snake deserves a few minutes of your time to check out this epic mix.

If Honey Badgers had access to tattoo parlours they would no doubt be inked up like the man J.R. Pity Honey Badgers live in Africa, south west Asia and India where tattoo parlours do not exist on every street. In the event that a Honey Badger does locate a tattoo parlour, perhaps on a visit to the Smith’s New Jersey hometown, statistically it will have a slim chance of getting the ink it deserves. In the wild a Honey Badger may only live to around ten, thus meaning it is falls within the legally restricted age range 0-17 for tattoos so the tattoo artist would not be permitted to carry out the work. For those Honey Badgers who do last up to the full 24 year life span, the fact the Badger is in its later years of life would suggest a more concealed and conservative tattoo that can be covered is the likely choice. Anyway, here’s Smith throwing it down…



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