The Tao of the Rattel

It’s a moment of contemplation for the Honey Badger as he looks back over the season and towards the remaining few games. Like the Honey Badgers life itself, so far for the team there has been glory, ferocity, casualties, tragedy and ultimately clear sights of a bright future.

The season started with some great results but then winter came and the Leith Honey badger seemed to hibernate. Stuttering could sum it up best, hall closures forced a lack of training, some key players got bad injuries and the team just couldn’t quite find its rhythm.

Riding a wave is fun but it can take you to places you don’t want to go. The wave of excitement crested and flowed but then took a little crash somewhere along the way- but the crew remained steady. Training times are secured, key players back from injury and the core unit is growing. The Badgers on board have weathered the storm.

Tonight a more calm and collected pack should face up to the 47s. Oh yeah they’ll bring the ruckus but it won’t be a panic. If the shot is failing them then maintain the strong D and ride it out. If the 47s go on a streak then think what you can do to stop your man and how you can help out the other Badgers. Keep ya head up high and play smart and hard. Nobody gives up their Friday night to go home disappointed or remorseful that they might have done things differently. Play how you want to play and play for one another.

Last night the Nets showed the Bulls what it takes to win a game. With their shot failing they maintained the D and wouldn’t let Bulls main men be where they want to be. Out of position and getting the ball in no mans land the opposition couldn’t score. Then a constant effort every minute has the Nets owning the boards and getting the result. Tonight we may be on fire or the hot night not drop. That’s okay. We can play D, we can work the ball, we can keep shooting cos we know its gonna start going. What we can’t do is give up, give the opposition time to breathe, give them the and in the way they want to play it.

Look up at that wise, maniac Badger taking a moment to think before he makes the kill. He knows what he has to do and whatever the result he knows he’s done his best. It was either Magic Johnson or a honey badger that muttered these words,

‘There’s winning and there’s losing and in life both will happen. What is never acceptable to me is quitting’

Honey Badgers around the world unite. It’s game time!



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