Tim Duncan is the blueprint.


Tim Duncan is the blueprint.

LeBron is built different. MJ, DrJ, Kobe and Kareem built on their natural advantages with ridiculous hard work. Bird and Magic played ahead of their time. Duncan started at a deficit. He rode out the glory years of others and just kept doin it. Where he’s BETTER than these stars is that he’s now surrounded by a team with the Duncan attitude. Work hard. Never quit. Trust your teammates and build them up. Superstars build a team that believes in them. Players like TD build a team that believes in themselves. Cheesy i know, but inconveniently it’s taken 15 years for the truth of his (and Ginobli and coach’s) hard work to become apparent. This means its hard to promote this kind of attitude to players (& coaches!) of all ages but I can only pray that the spurs keep the faith and get it done. This is a golden era of sport. What these guys are doing is insane. If the spurs win those rings, it’s a triumph for sport. And it echoes what coach Phil was all about (11 rings… Can’t be stupid!!). He always tried to make MJ a leader before a player. I am totally gay for LeBron. He’s a Frickin legend, and apparently a good guy: but for sport in general, and what bball’s about- I’m all in for the Spurs. Go San Antonio. And whatever happens, remember- basketball is the truth.


One thought on “Tim Duncan is the blueprint.

  1. I would love to see TD and the Spurs get one last ring, I think for them it would be fitting end to amazing era.
    Excited for tonight’s game I think LeBron will definitely be out to redeem himself. It’s balanced on a knife edge, i’m hoping for a great game!



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