Saturdays 3 v 3 Tournament

2013-08-24 16.17.53
El Prez presents the Trophy and Booze!

Saturday was the launch of the inaugural 3 v 3 Tournament at Leith Academy and it was a great success. With the court surrounded by players’ friends and families and music blasting out over the sound of trainers squeaking on hardwood, there was a great atmosphere. All the games were played in good spirit with the Cobra taking an overview of the games and the players doing a good job of policing themselves and keeping score for each other.

7 teams rocked up with the dreams of walking away with now prestigious trophy, but in the end it was a dominant display from MKD which earned the coveted silver(plastic :P)ware and exotic imported lager. They remained undefeated on the day and despite being run close in a couple of games, they there were more than worthy winners.

That’s not to say there wasn’t some tough competition, The Masters, Madness, Penicuik, two Honeybadger teams and the Pleasance all had some great games with a lot of really closely contested match ups. It was a great warm up for the season ahead and the bruises and pain I was suffering the next day are testament to that!

Air Lithuania launches from downtown!

The final saw Pleasance taking on the eventual winners MKD and earning second place. The third place playoff took place between the two Honeybadger teams with HB4L earning the crucial bragging rights for training.

With the days action concluded a number of players headed off to Honeybadger HQ, AKA The Brass Monkey. I hear those who did had hangovers as well as aching muscles to contend with the next day! Overall, It was a great day and a big thanks have to go to El Prez and the Coach for doing the organising, plus anyone else who did stuff but isn’t getting due credit here. I’m sure with a few more players and teams next year can be an even bigger success!



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