man vs steak

(Skip to about 1 min mark to see the steak)

Some of you might remember the Mamas Voodoo Lava Pizza challenge, which saw el prez and cobra take on the hottest pizza in the world and come out on top. Well now there is a new challenge in town that might be tough even for them to swallow!

Contenders to take on the beast, with 1 hour must consume 7532 calories.

1 x 92oz Steak
1x Cauliflower Gratin
1 x Mixed Salad
1 x Triple Cooked Chips
1 x Corn on the Cob
3 x Sauces
Unlimited Drinks

It’s a 2kg steak and it looks MASSIVE. But considering you have to lay down £160 quid to take on the challenge you better be feeling confident..

Check out “Steak Edinburgh” for further details. It’ll take the heart of a honey badger and the stomach of a whale to come out on top of this one.



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