Boroughmuir Masters 40 – 44 Leith Honey Badgers

All smiles!The Honey Badgers were looking to bounce back after the disappointment of their first loss two weeks ago, with super silky new uniforms to break in and something to prove they took to the court with determination in their hearts and focused minds. The Masters are always a formidable team to come up against, with a vast amount of experience and a long list of accomplishments, but the men from Leith leaped out of the starting blocks in the first quarter, playing stifling defense and exhibiting some clinical outside shooting. El prez notched up 4 early points with Jonatan and Farooq adding baskets of their own, Doug drained two three pointers to really boost the first quarter tally. But it was the tenacious d from everyone who stepped on the court which made the big difference, limiting the Masters to just one basket from the field and two from the line.

The quarters on either side of the half were a closer affair, but saw some continued good shooting form which included Mike draining a 3 pointer! Jonatan demonstrated his deadly shooting range by knocking down baskets from spots all over the court, including two from outside the arc in the third. 1.21 GigaWatson put had an outstanding game on the defensive end, taking on the unenviable task of man marking Cameron King, but also added points by scoring on the inside and from the free throw line.  Cobra brought some level headed ball handling which even saw some plays being ran(!) With the third quarter drawing to a close the Masters looked to come back from their 24-39 defecit.

The Masters stepped up, David MacKenzie and Cameron King showing why they are such a well respected team by combining for 9 of the Masters 16 fourth quarter points. This brought the game as close as it had been since the tip off, but the storm was weathered. Points at the line from Mike and a *shameless moment of personal glory* steal which lead to a three point play from Fraz was enough to see out the game. The deal was sealed thanks to a canny battle plan from Mark that was implemented well, some excellent shooting combined with gut-busting effort from every player for every second they were on the court. The tone is set, we can expect a lot of ourselves if we keep up the hard work and continue to build on what was demonstrated in this game.


Doug – 8

Mike – 10

Graham – 3

Fraz – 8

Jonatan – 13

Farooq – 2



One thought on “Boroughmuir Masters 40 – 44 Leith Honey Badgers

  1. Guys, great post. You deserved the win, as you guys say you came out of the blocks hungry and wanting to win. Playing defence like that every week should do you guys wonders against any team in the league.
    Have to say guys we really appreciate the respect that you’ve paid on your post to a bunch of has beens, more than what can be said about others.
    Great game guys, although Graham G Man Watson, ill make sure I feel better for the return match lol. In all honesty mate, good to see your now doing what I tried to get you to do for years.



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