Honey Badgers vs Peregrins

(Illustration of a adult Honey Badger protecting the young from a predatory Peregrine Falcon using traditional Leith mind techniques accompanied by a allied swarm of killer bees, ancient Leith Folklore art circa 1200BC)

Leith honey badgers take on the East Lothian Peregrines tomorrow night at Westwoods. Leith improved their record to 2 and 1 last week whilst East Lothian are looking for their first win of the season. With a strong vocal support and some skilled players the opposition will be no push over, however The HoneyBadgers will look to wipe the Pere’grin’ from their faces with another gutsy performance. Missing the Cobra we will all need to step up to ensure these sea birds from East Lothian stay grounded when they land at Leith. The heat of the battle is as sweet as the victory, but if we lose the bitter after taste hangs in the mouth a long time. Lets kick some ass!!!

(link for the cool artwork here!)



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