Bumpy road to excellence

Buccs – Badgers 22:39 (15/11/2013; Westwood)

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
9:13 2:15 5:5 6:6


No 9 – Fraz – 9pkt

No 8 – Mike – 8pts

No 6 – Doug – 7pts

No 10 – Andy – 6pts

No 12 – G-man – 4pts

No 15 – Jonathan – 3pts

No 14 – Farooq – 2pts

Prologue – Reality check

After the last week’s defeat against Tigers – wounded Badgers really wanted to retaliate.

A big part in changing the team’s mindset played the Wednesday’s training session during which coach Holden removed most of the tactical drills and allowed players to leave on the floor their frustrations. It is worth mentioned that it was not his last word as he had already something more cruel and devious prepared for Friday.

Part One – Hustle and steady growth (9-13)

Goooooo Badgers!! Melody of the warrior cry filled the Westwood Hall.

First time since the beginning of the season, the starting line-up consisted of G Watson, D-man Farooq, Jonathan, Mr Cobra and Piotr.

Buccs looked good with no 6 and 13 pushing the ball and trying to get through the Badgers defence but thanks to great team "D" and several brilliant defensive rebounds by Jonathan we were in control.

G Watson opened the score for Badgers. It didn’t took us long to realise that scary looking Bacc’s bigs are just a decoy.

Ferocious Farooq quickly sensed blood and nailed a beautiful jump shot. In offence LHB could count on Andy “hot hands” Connor who hit in first period all of his 6pts Jonathan who scored a 3 pointer.

In “D” Badgers stayed composed and didn’t allow Buccs to get into a steady pace.

Part Two – Light’s out

In second quarter coach Holden replaced most of the team to give starters a breather and hit Buccs with a skilfully timed knockout punch.

Bull’s eye. Matching Buccs with size gave Badgers much more confidence. Mark – Fraz – Doug – Mike – Piotr (subbed by G Watson) built up a convincing lead and LHB finished the first half with result 11:28. Main contributors in this period were: The Unstoppable Mike with 8pts who was very active both in offence and defence, Doug with 5pts (one of the experts even mentioned that it might have been one of his strongest performances this season) and Fraz with 2pts. Mark and G, even though with zeros on the scoring shit, helped team greatly marking their physical presence on the floor with several rebounds.

Part Three and Four – Pace Control

In second half Badgers kept constant composure under their own basket allowing Buccs to score 11pts but lots a momentum in offence. In third and fourth quarter combined Bagders scored 11pts.

The one who really stood out during these two periods was Fraz (7pts) who was efficiently finishing his shots from inside the paint and drawing attention to himself what left other players with a lot of open space.

Despite low scoring half, Bagders weren’t afraid about the final result at any point of the game. When the last whistle sounded, harts of all teammates were filled with happiness.




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