Leith Honey Badgers 37 – 26 Pleasance Pace

Leith Honey Badgers brought their record to a fairly impressive 7 and 2 with a win over Pleasance Pace on Friday the 29th November.
Pleasance fielded a largely improved team from last season with the obvious addition of two skilled and physical Spaniards. With Leith missing Mark and Graham they cut a smaller shadow on the court than usual and the Pace made their physical presence felt with some strong inside play throughout the match.

However it was not enough to stop a quiet yet effective performance from The Honey Badgers that ultimately led to an 11 point victory.

Again the scoring was spread amongst the team with duties on the court shared as players looked to improve their versatility. Piotr played a more settled game whilst still maintaining his speedy edge, Andy looked to run plays and work the ball, whilst Fraz recorded a number of boards unaided and outnumbered against strong opposition.

This was a match of few highlights but what shone through was spirit. Frustrated offences never led to finger pointing, a slack pass and the heads still stayed up. Defence, defence was the key on Friday as the pace were held to 26 and the Badgers shut them down at times they started to gain momentum. The stat sheet will never note it but with Farooq never giving his opponent an inch, J out muscling and hustling their man and Piotr and Mike being allowed to pick up the loose balls created, alot of the real work is done off the radar. Whilst steadying hands and a calm head comes in the form of Conner who always knows where and when to pick his passes.

There were a couple of high scoring efforts, Doug dropped 14 on them including an incredible 4th quarter performance, whilst Mike chipped in 12 throughout the game. Yet individually there was nothing special happening, what we saw was a unit playing a strong game and doing more than enough in what was proving to be a tricky matchup. At the end of the season, this will not be one we wax lyrical on but it should be noted that we dealt with a potential hiccup through the strength and beleith in this pack of Badgers.

It will be great to welcome back new father, Graham Watson this Friday and aim to end the year on a high with a win on the court and glory in the pub on the Xmas night out after!

Doug 14, Mike 12, Fraz 4, Jonathon 3, Piotr 2, Farooq 2

Q1: Leith 8 – 4 Pleasance
Q2: Leith 7 – 7 Pace
Q3: Leith 10 – 7 Pace
Q4: Leith 12 – 8 Pace



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