Lions vs Badgers 46-37

You can only beat quick feet with quick heads, unfortunately the badgers showed up with neither in loss to a young Lions team last Friday night. Out run and out hustled for most of the game the Badgers couldn’t find a consistent answer to the Lions man defence. A cursory look at the points totals shows a reasonable haul from across the team on offense (including a 12 point first half from Fraz Gibson) but a lack of composure gave too many turnovers and scoring possessions to the opposing team. A brief window of focus saw the badgers take the lead in the third quarter but in the end a lack of composure and too much complacency awarded the Lions a well-deserved victory.

With their eyes now firmly on the Christmas break the badgers will look to come back in the new year with greater resolve and aiming to find the next gear.


F Gibson 14

M Kerracher 9

D Gibson 7

M Holden 2

G Watson 2

J Sanchez 2

F Shaukat 1

Q1 10-8

Q2 10-6 (20-14)

Q3 12-14 (32-28)

Q4 14-9 (46-37)



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