Peregrines vs Honey Badgers Preview

Backs to the wall, surrounded. Maybe we brought it on ourselves, but it’s been a tough start to 2014 for The Leith Honey Badgers. Amidst some timid performances, the focus became a match report that unintentionally angered opposition and the powers that be.

Last Friday was meant to be redemption, but met by a few snide comments on previous wrongdoings the team stepped on the court and struggled to stop the Steel sharp shooting their way beyond the Badgers. However there were signs, pointers on the direction we are heading towards. J’s 3 was back, the guards didn’t turnover, man was strong, Prez dropped 19 and Holden got his first minutes after injury.

This isn’t a call to arms, as the guns were never put down. Now it’s time for every Badger on court to play every minute of the game, don’t let any teammates do it for you.

Peregrines are physically tough with some top shooters, it will be rough but we will need to come get some, as step off and a shots up. This is still about the love of the game, enjoying playing and the beers after but it’s also about being in every second of the match.

Sometimes the fight is better than the victory but only when the fight you put up was your best.



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