Top Eight

Blaze 102 – Honeybadgers 38
Chairmans cup quarter final.

Honeybadgers hosted Boroughmuir Blaze on Wednesday night at Leith academy to determine who would be in the semi finals of this years Chairmans cup. Blaze are strong favourites to lift the cup as well as fancied for the division one title this season, so the Leith boys knew they were very much the underdogs on this occasion. With our two new attack dogs Deatcher and Jacquel unavailable for cup duty, the renowned pace of Blaze was going to prove even more of an issue, and despite a good start, the honeybadgers succumbed over the first quarter to Blazes relentless pressure and refusal to miss any opportunity. Blaze ran a beautiful high looping pick and roll which gave their extremely mobile players great central penetration, or short set-shots if we tried to come under the screen, and like any good team, they were relentless in applying this effective tactic. The pressure on the ball was too much for us, particularly with some of our fastest players unavailable, and there were a lot of turnover buckets for Blaze, dispatched without exception by two or three players who could outrun our transition defence with well-drilled 20 year-old energy!
Honeybadgers showed patches of speed and composure on offence that cut through the blaze defence, but were unable to maintain these long enough to threaten the result. Positively, our rebounding was generally excellent, with lots of 2nd looks on offence and strong defensive boards largely down to Fraz, Mike and Jonatan working hard and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Most of the blazes points however came from layups, which don’t give too many rebounds (!) and the result was inevitable.
Good game though, thoroughly enjoyed. The boys kept working right to the end, despite the result being effectively on the board at half time, and it was a good lesson that will pay us dividends in our own league campaign. Thanks to the Blaze lads and the refs who came out on a Wed night, and helped us sort out our disorganisation (!!) and good luck to Blaze in the remaining rounds.



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