LHB vs Madness

LHB vs Madness 50-37


A break in world cup games meant the eyes of all true sports fans were solely fixed on Leith Academy on Wednesday night. After a long delay the last game of the 2013/2014 season against the Midlothian Madness was finally played.

Going into the match the Badgers were yet to record a league victory over the Madness. It looked to be a close and hard fought contest, with Madness winning by 6 and 4 point margins in the last two meetings of these teams.

The game started off with both teams matching each other shot for shot. Early foul trouble for the Madness sent Mike to the line to make 3 out of 4 free throws and build a 7 point lead for the quarter.

The second quarter led off with a trademark 3 from Sanchez, and Mike continuing to attack with a further two baskets to fill out his 9-point half. Cobra Conner eased back on dishing out the assists to join in the scoring to sink a cool three-pointer and close the half with the Badgers holding a 7 –point advantage.

The third quarter saw Piotr fill out the box score, hassling on the defensive end and knocking down jumpshots from midrange and beyond the arc and then turned provider to set up two three’s from Doug to finish the quarter with a twelve point lead.

The badgers finished up the game with scores from across the team. Andy, Scott and Fraz added to their totals and Dom knocked down the last of the Badgers 7 three’s and round out a 50-37 victory for 12-10 record for the season.


Q1 14-7

Q2 10-10 (24-17)

Q3 15-10 (39-27)

Q4 11-10 (50-37)


Mike/Doug – 11 pts each

Piotr – 7 pts

Andy/Dom – 5 pts each

Fraz/Scott – 4 pts each

Jonotan -3 pts



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