Final Standings & closing remarks

2013/14 season is finished and our final standing in the league is 6th (joint 5th on pts). This marks a reasonable improvement over our maiden season, recording 2 more wins and finishing 2 places higher than last year.

A couple of years back a few of us faced the situation of returning to a unhappy team, disbanding or doing something ourselves and that was what we chose and how The Leith HoneyBadgers was born (specifically in a McDonalds, where the declaration of Leith was penned). It’s been hard work, fun, occasionally drunken, painful and inspiring to be a part of and we still remain true to our values- it’s about good guys before individuals, about hard work, playing in the moment and enjoying every minute on court. We consistently welcome new guys along or occasional players looking for a run, juggling that alongside our quest for improvement.

This year it was great to see a couple of the fringe players became fully fledged and valued Honey Badgers, whilst into the year we also welcomed 2 important additions to the pack. Whilst we lost Minda and obviously went through some transition, the squad is now looking the best it has with strength across the floor and back up in all positions.

Our team, much like its namesake, has won it’s difficult match ups by intense levels of effort and tough defence. If we work hard over the summer, particularly on playing together offensively, we can add to our strengths and look to have our best season yet. Lets do this Leith! This place might be about the ability to ‘persevere’ but we will be looking to strike first when the league opens for business again after the summer break.



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