Honeybadgers vs masters nov 2014


No school like the old school

Leith went into Friday nights early game as one of only 3 teams boasting a single loss for the season. As we know from iceman and maverick though, being top of the class doesn’t mean you’re going to win the dogfight.
Leith were prepared and ready to go on Wednesday night despite being without our talismanic post fortification Big G, but a few last minutes glitches dented this preparation further. Farooq was touch and go right up till tip off, Andy tore his calf practically lacing up and our kit supplier let us down badly, filling someone else’s order before ours, meaning our depleted team couldn’t field a further 2 players. This all contributed to a bit of a dampened start, but the players on the court were still more than capable of facing off to a masters them with similar numbers and difficulties.
What transpired though was a sit-down-take-notes-thank-me-later lesson from the boroughmuir team living up to their moniker with some style. Leith failed to commit fully to their philosophy, particularly on offence and as a result handing out more turnovers than a liquidator at a broke patisserie. New faces McCormick and Hood (looking pretty sprightly for a 40 year old…!) demonstrated that a short time was enough to understand and execute offences accurately and repeatedly. Well worked screens and excellent floor spacing led to crisp passing and good offensive looks which the masters simply converted much more efficiently. Leith by contrast were sloppy with their passing and didn’t move with enough energy or purpose to move the masters and create their customary openings.
The real damage was done in the post though, with one stat telling the whole story: low post maestros Cammy and McCormick combining for 29 of the masters final total of 40. Down low defence from leith was pretty solid in truth, but when you come up against players that can genuinely dominate the paint, if their team can space the floor and feed them effectively, there’s little that can be done to shut them down. Even a couple of big blocks and plenty of physical resistance didn’t deter the machine and the onus was then on the badgers to outscore their opponents which they simply failed to do despite some excellent team breaks and finishes and a bit of a late flurry from some of our own old heads.
End of the day though this is a game we look forward to, and the disappointment in the badger camp is down to lack of performance on the night rather than the result. A great game to be involved in, played in great sporting spirit (LOTS of contact always a feature under the rim in our games, all given and taken in the course of the game, and lots of muttered apologies and backslaps on the way back up & down the court!!) and a well deserved win for the masters. Lessons can be learned directly from this from our point of view: know your job, fulfill it and just because something’s working you don’t need to change it!! Onto next week badgers, the records still excellent, our job now is to look at what these guys did so well and see how we can be better next time out.

Final score masters 40 badgers 32
Scott 8
Mike 12
Farooq 4
Banky 3
Coach 2
And a mystery 3 pts missing… I’ll take em!!!

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