Leith Honey Badgers 40 – 39 Dunfermline Steel

Badgers are back…

The Honey Badgers have had a tough time of it of late. 4 losses in a row, the longest in club history, has led to some difficult conversations and a lot of soul searching . But as Harvey Dent before he turned into 2 face would say “the night is darkest before the dawn”.

…and you can’t keep a good badger down. Coach had a belter of a pregame speech, once again giving Al Pacino a run for his money (link below), calling on every player to step up and win their own individual battles.


We came out with energy… and Holden led by example, knocking down our first 5 points. Defence followed suit, Connor and J giving their men no room. Deatch and Shaukat kept things moving on offence raining 3’s to finish the quarter with 9 points between them and giving the home team a 9 point lead.

Early days though and the Steel aren’t in 3rd place by chance. They proved it behind their big man, number 15, who was immaculate from the line and poured in points all night.

The grind had begun. The 2nd and 3rd quarters were all about defence and composure. G worked tirelessly, boxing out his man and grabbing boards showing that inch by inch we could win this thing. Connor backed that up, a rock throughout, drawing on years of experience to keep the team settled, ready and motivated.

Through a difficult stretch in the 3rd Banky came up big, pulling down an offensive rebound and finishing when the Steel were on a run – a momentum changer the badgers sorely needed. If we were going to do this it was going to be as a team. Chris knocked down a 3 and our new addition Hernandez showed his pedigree, flat out scoring when he wanted to.

All that being said, Leith found themselves down by 3 with a minute on the clock in the 4th.

You know, we might not be the best team in the league but we’ve got heart and tonight we showed it.

We kept fighting for that inch, the ball came to Deatcher out of a time out who shot from the left side to drain a 3 and tie the game.

Great defence on the other end led to a drive and Hernandez being fouled.

Free throws were split for the 1 point lead and what followed was the longest 16 seconds of the badgers lives .

The margin for error was so small but somehow we held on for the win.

The Honey Badgers have had a tough time of it of late and we probably will have again but…

either we heal now as a team or die as individuals. that’s basketball guys, that’s all it is, now what are you going to do?

Honey Badgers 40
Steel 39

Deatcher 14
Holden 5
Shaukat 3
Hernandez 9
Banky 5
McGookin 3
J 1



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