Badgers vs Panthers

Leith Honey Badgers have just 2 games left that will determine their final standings for the season. The team are on a 6 game winning streak but having had some quiet weeks will need to start sharp or risk it ending at the hands of Panthers tomorrow night.

Last time out was a big win over a constantly contesting but short handed Bucks who fell to a 72-17 defeat. Cobra Conner sharp shot with 9 and responsibilities will fall back to him tomorrow at point with Hernandes missing. Defensive beast Farooq was on the points last time too with a season high 8 and Coach Holden also put up 8 mixing mid range shooting with post prowess. But it was the weegie wonder kid Deatch who had 11 in a game where he played limited mins of the bench. Welcome back to the starting 5 son as your services are required. Piotr had 5 including a deep 3, G banged in 4 as did Abi. In fact points came across the team as we played just that type of ball and an unselfish, hustling spirit ran throughout. Same requirements tomorrow but a tougher task.

These 2 games determine our entire output for the season so it’s time to get to it. 4 months is a long post season so let’s not have any regrets. Get to it Badgers



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