Pace vs Leith

The season closer could only influence the Leither’s fate, with Pace locked in the ten spot the Badger’s needed a win to finish in third.

The game was controlled from the tip by Leith, flexing their defensive muscle and putting up a consistent scoring threat despite Mike playing without a right pinky and Fraz joining the other absentess with a dodgy ankle.

Mike dropped in as many points as he had working fingers in his shooting hand with 4 in the first quarter, with Chris dropping a 3 and cobra adding points form the floor and line.

The story of the game was all about the defense though with the Pace held to 3 in the first and 5 for the half.

Eptiomized by Farooq’s referee-friendly intensity, the guard pressure was too much for pace in the third quarter leading to run out points for Hernandez and Cobra interspersed by some effortless long-range scoring from Holden (clearly playing up to those in the stands).

With the game effectively won by the fourth quarter, pace came back in with their first real scoring of the game with Pleasance’s no. 10 dropping 8 points allowing the Pace to get the better of the socring in the fourth quarter. It was never going to be enought to recover from the initial defensive shut out of Leith and the game finished with a comfortable 21-43 vitory for the Honey Badgers. This game was all about the defense but credit to Cobra for his game high (and season high?) 10 points!

Season complete, highest ever finish (3rd) and best ever record (15-7) credit goes to the team and coach Holden for a record-breaking season and a Phil Jackson like win pct. (.6810).


Q1 3-11

Q2 2-11

Q3 6-15

Q4 10-6

Final 21-43


Connor 10

Hernandez 8

Holden 6*

Babbatunde 4

Kerracher 4

Sanchez 4

Watson 4

McGookin 3*




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