Summer Starts Here!!

In the wild the honeybadger can cover a huge range*, spreading its cheeky and loveable brand of gore-fuelled terror far and wide. This innate wanderlust has become part of the genetic code of the Leith branch of the international rattel family. With this is mind, we are pleased to announce the OFFICIAL start to summer as we head off on our annual tradition of going away somewhere and reminding ourselves, and some poor undeserving part of the world just how good we are at playing basketball…. with mild hangovers.
Friday sees a crack unit heading to Glorious Gairloch** to compete in the Claymore Cup. Now spread over two days with the threat of a “social event” (should we be scared??) on Sat night, we’re going to make some bold claims.
Firstly, we’ve every intention of blogging while we’re there. Watch that twitter feed – although I’m not sure how much joy we’ll get re 4g up there ! Secondly we’re being split between a glorious bunk house (it’s already been renamed the crunkhouse. This now remains its name forever.) and a caravan with the slightly ominous description of “uninterrupted sea views”… which sounds nervously like “perched on a wobbly cliff” – but hey – I’ve dibbsed the crunkhouse, so good luck!! Anyway – we plan to act like suave international jetsetters, so we’ll feedback to all in a public service style holiday advisory, and I’m confident we’ll be allowed back …..Finally, we’re not going up there to win the tournament. We’re going to win hearts and minds. Its been a stupendous, rollercoaster season. Time to kick back, loosen up and go full on middle aged, middle class gangsta. We’re taking our posh Edinburgh accents (except weegie Shaq of course), and ..( oh and
spanish J), anyway, we’re taking our posh edinburgh accents, and our hardcore, hardtop game…. (oh, hang on – where’s Pete from? ….. And the old man’s Northern Irish, so that doesnt count…..), anyway – posh accents…(hang on – banky sounds like Andre the giant, that’s no good… Andy’s “frae Gorebridge” – we cant pin posh on that…) …..
OK – El Prez is representing Edinburgh, and the rest of us’ll cheer him on. Y’know, on your behalf… Its highly doubtful we’ll win much, but it should be fun watching us try! make sure you’ve got the twitter feed up and running and we’ll do our best to get some stuff on there as it happens. Happy summer everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*The accuracy of this fact can be verified by asking me if I made it up. (I did)
**Gairloch is in Wester Ross – I’m pretty sure that’s a place in game of thrones. Im geeking ooouuutttttt!!!



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