Seasons Greetings

Tonight is our last session for the year & plans to be a good one with some prizes up for grabs to the winners of our various challenges as well as plenty time to scrimmage. We have the Leith Academy hall 7:30-9:45pm.
It’s been a great year for The Honey Badgers. Finished the 14-15 Season in 3rd place, won our first Silverware over the Summer at the Claymore Cup and are looking good this season with only 2 defeats and a number of games in hand to play.
We have a few new faces who have been a great addition and recently welcomed back an old face with a mended arm as Doug has taken to the court again.
Results matter but it’s good to just play Bball with top guys and that’s what we will keep on doing. To all our members and the other players across the City, Merry Christmas and look forward to doing battle on court in the New Year.
-Leith Honey Badgers



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